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My Addictions


Let me start by defining addiction which is the strong and harmful need to regularly have something or to do something .
My mind is so conditioned to always do something, I can’t help it. It is part of me, am incomplete if I dont find something worth doing.

Alas its now my habitu矇 and my DEFAULT SETTING 唐唐
Yes!!! That’s What it feels like to be addicted!!!
Wait what am addicted to; Oh, am addicted to!!!
Saying Hello over the phone
Addicted to feeling dizzy at night
To talk everyday
Closing my eyes while sleeping and many more
Ohh!!! Is it just me? Everybody does this right?
I think we all have addictions (default settings). Some were innate and some we learnt.

Only few persons can do without their phone for a week, very few can do without eating for days, very few persons can do without having their bath for days, only few can do without brushing there teeth for a day.

You might feel like? Really!!! Don’t call this an addiction I think it is, remember our definition of addiction on the first paragraph.

Personally, I think; Addiction is anything you do/action you do often/Subconsciously that you enthusiastic about and as such don’t need extra motivation to do it, Hence its Part of you.
Adjust!!!, You did not become addicted with those things overnight. It is a process, it started from just a daily chore to a nature and now you find yourself doing it without stress.

You see that guy who is a drug addict or smokes, he started from a stick, till a day never goes by without it. That your phone you can’t do without, you were at some point phoneless, you enjoyed it and held on to it.

Same thing with anything you do often.
The truth is, we all are addicted. The question is what are we addicted too?
Dear, dont just have good intentions and big goals, don’t just admire a personality. Really, Get the process, you don’t become an addict overnight. Start with one stick till you can’t go a day without it.

Meanwhile, make sure you make it enjoyable like you did with your phone.
Make sure its a necessity for living, just like you sleep and talk
If you can’t pay the pain of the process, you not worth the product.
Your inconsistency won’t turn you to an addict.

You might have sub-consciously formed a bad habit, don’t just stop, start by reducing a stick, and on and on
You can shape your life. You can condition yourself to wake up certain time every day and might not wait for your alarm again till you are addicted to it.

You can read for certain Numbers of hours per day and a day won’t go by without Reading, just like your food
To form new addictions (E.g. Reading) You can help yourself by tying them to your old addictions (E.g. eating)
For example, I won’t eat dinner not until have read a chapter of a book, etc
When you wish, Act. What you do is more important than what you say
Let me know what are you addicted to, by using the comment box below.

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