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Lost in thoughts


She smiled and talked consequently as she stared at the cadaver. She looked into everyone’s eyes just to make sure they understood what she was saying. She touched the body with her hands covered with gloves lifting each vessels with her forceps as she explained.

I was also standing at the table but I was seriously lost in day dream. The thoughts of how free I was going to be in 300 level compared to 200 level came to my mind and I imagined the series of things I was going to do. In my dream, I saw the series of articles and poems I had written, I also saw myself campaigning for a political position. I was still basking in the euphoria of the 300 level bed of roses when she asked “do you get what I have been saying?” the question brought me back to reality although my head was still facing down. As I raised my head up, I discovered that all the eyes that surrounded the table focused on me. I was a little bit shocked. I was about looking at her face when a voice spoke up “what are you thinking about? This is the fourth time she will be asking you this question” my head was still gradually trying to accomplish the lifting up process when another voice spoke up “I pity you. Are you okay? Better go and check your Lub-Dub.”

Then when it seemed to them that I was dumb, they took away all the attention from me and she continued doing what the typical OAU medical student term “move stuff”. Moving stuff actually refers to the act of explaining what you know in a particular course of study. Just immediately, I raised my head straight up and I was very comfortable again.

She kept explaining what she was but it didn’t occur to me to look at her. Just when it occurred, I looked straight at her and only one thing came to my mind. Of course it wasn’t the course she was explaining that came to my mind neither was it her wealth of knowledge that baffled me. The fact that a lady was the Chief dissector in the table also didn’t mean anything to me. Only one thing came to my mind. She is beautiful!

Of course! I wasn’t tripping, my crush and love was exactly on the same table but I was so surprised and anyone I told would wonder why her beauty would surprise me.

I never thought wisdom was for beautiful ladies and of course it is very wrong for a beautiful lady to be brilliant. Why on earth should she be? She has a lot to think about. Her hair, her makeup kits, her toasters, lovers and ex(s), she has series of heart break to nurse and of course maintaining beauty should be a priority. So how will she have the time for her books?

Just as the thought of beauty-intelligence conflict filled my mind, I didn’t know I had been lost again and this time she was asking another question that I couldn’t answer.

Finally, I woke up from my day dreams and regained consciousness. Then I said to myself “ Tobiee you are stupid” why should such thoughts fill my mind.

I mean! The lady I am in love with is probably the most beautiful in the world and her level of intelligence is so marvelling. Despite the level of my ugliness, her grades were always better than mine and I never for once reasoned why She would be so intelligent.

Apart from her grades, the manner at which she talks portrays pure intelligence that the stuff mover cannot even boast of.

Suddenly, I received a slap at my back, it was my love. She stared at me and yelled “go mark your attendance”. Oh my God! I was lost in thought again. I said to myself.

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