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“Mummy! I want to be a ring bearer” I cried as I disturbed my mum attacking her with blows of my childhood fist.

Apart from the fact that I loved my mum, the jannock in me was always at work and I would do anything to express my feelings to her.

I previously had different ambition and I changed my mind each time I discovered better options.

The day I saw a group of priest during an ordination procession, I vowed to be a reverend father. My dad almost killed me with the look he gave when I told him and I was skeptical about it ever since.

I wanted to be Father Christmas so that the whole world would like me and I would be as popular as psalm 23 but my mum advised that their importance was only during xmas.

As a pupil of the staff primary school, I loved the way FUTA University students walk, carry bags, bounce and even the way they talk and I thought working as a student would be nice. Moreover they always look good and it seemed they were well paid.

I wanted to be a soldier, a copper, footballer, singer and even NEPA so that the whole world would beg me for light.

I loved doctors but I hated hospitals, I loved pilots but I didn’t want to die, I loved engineers but I was told they carry heavy loads and so I never wished to be any of those.

There had always been something spectacular about 27th of January. Apart from the fact that my first cry was heard that day, every year was filled with awesome experience especially during my early childhood.

“Your aunty made you her ring bearer!” my mum announced as I ran into her wide open arms after returning from her office. I was still rejoicing when she added “her wedding is on your birthday” “Whaoo! I will have the best birthday ever” I thought to myself as I disturbed everyone with jubilation.

I dazzled at the golden ring as we processed towards the alter and soon I began to realize that being a ring bearer was more of suffering. Rotimi didn’t explain his challenges when he cooked the ring bearer story for my consumption.

Probably the wedding mass wasn’t boring but I stared at my age and playmates outside and within the parish compound as they waved about in Brownian motion seeming to be enjoying their recreation.

Luckily for me, the church warden permitted me to go out. I had lied to her that I wanted to urinate outside. I ran out of the church as if it were a prison yard and joined other guys outside. I didn’t even remember my mission in church.

The church warden came to carry me back into the church after a while and I didn’t understand why she had to do that aggressively until she dropped me in front of the alter and I still couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

I watched the whole congregation stare at me and in shame. I backed the congregation and faced the priest. The priest looked into my eyes, smiled and asked “where is the ring? My son” it was at that instance I remembered I was the ring bearer. I searched my pockets and it wasn’t there. Then, I pointed my index finger towards the church’s main exit trying to communicate to them that the ring should be outside the church.

I had misplaced the ring and the whole church kept staring at me as they murmur while the drama ensued.

January 27 that year wasn’t funny. I would be forced to exaggerate if I begin to narrate my ordeal after the wedding. I didn’t even know how they got another ring.

Amidst the odd of that year, I am seriously sure that TODAY will be more than amazing.

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