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The lines on my stomach are very embarrassing. On a normal day, I would flaunt my chest in public because of my built physique except for these terrible lines on my abdominal region. The lines are hard, compacted and are just annoying.

“Pull off your cloth!!!” the light woman screamed at me and I got the attention of everyone in the physiology laboratory. I thought to myself, “How will I expose these shameful lines on my stomach?” I am to be used as a subject for an electrocardiograph experiment and I have to remove my shirt, shoes and belts.

I removed my red T-shirt reluctantly and slowly, and then I threw it on the slab. My singlet is shinny and neat but it still will not save me from the ill gossips of me that will fly about after the practical.

“Remove your singlet now and don’t waste my time.” The woman shouted again. Immediately, I shamefully and slowly removed my singlet so I could check everyone’s reaction since it seemed as if all eyes were on me.

“Awwwnn, he has six packs” I heard a tiny voice speak “Are you serious?” another voice added. Now, I was beginning to hear different voices with nice comments.

I thought it was going to be shameful but they liked it. My annoying abdominal lines is now being called “six packs”

Immediately after the ECG lead was removed from my chest, I borrowed the nearest android phone and browsed what “six packs” meant on goggle. To my surprise, it was worth more than gold to many guys.

It’s a pity I am still staring at my pot belly asking God and myself “when will Tobiee have good physique?”

All of a sudden, the woman came screaming “you don’t play with phones in the lab, you are here to work!!!”

Oh!!! I am tired of practicals.

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