How Can I Win The Heart Of A Girl Am Having Crush On

What do you say to a girl to win her heart? Of course there’s no “magic formula” that’s going to work in every circumstance. There are, however, some principles that underly creating and sustaining attraction with women or Are you struggling everyday with watching the love of your life being flattered by other potential lovers,knowing that you yourself are the only one who loves her truly? Jealousy, hatred, and a feeling of loss might all come to life during this time. But what you really need to do is win that person’s heart.

Women love men with confidence, positivity, an aura of self-esteem, and who are driven by feelings and emotions. To warrant the attention of the woman of your dreams and to win her heart, it is imperative that you be yourself. Below are some few stratgies to use, feel free to read;

1. Be honest or Let me say be sincere with her

Women like genuine guys who are not afraid to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, humble, and unpretentious, and you will win her heart in no time.

It’s okay to disagree with her, as long as you don’t threaten her, you respect her opinion, and you offer good reasons about why you believe differently. Who knows? She might even respect you more for speaking your mind, because it shows how much of an individual you are.

2. You need to be brave because most girls like people with confidence, not an ego. Just walk up to her and start a simple conversation. She’ll get the hint that you are interested in her. Start with a simple conversation starter: like;

“That’s a really nice dress. Where is it from?”

“I’m sorry, I’m new here. Can you tell me where the library is?”

“Hi, my name is [your name]. You look like you’re interesting to talk to. Do you mind if I steal a couple minutes of your time?”. Things like that can help alot.

3. Being around girls this is not the same thing as flirting with other girls, which is probably not a good move. Being around other girls tells the girl that you’re really interested in that other girls find you safe, reliable, and easy to be around. If you get other girls to indirectly vouch for you like this, you’ve made a big step.

Make friends with her friends if it’s not too big of a step. We know that it can be overwhelming, but just try, but becareful. If her friends like you, you’ll have a better chance of winning her over. After all, girls often turn to their friends for advice and for a second opinion. Make sure they have a high opinion of you.

4. You need to be Funny

Be playful and tease her a little, but don’t ever admit that you are actually trying to win her heart! Women like men with a sense of humor, so start sharpening those skills right away!

And don’t take advantage of this. Let her be your best friend first, then ease into things. A girl needs to know that she can trust you, and that you’re not going to break her heart because you really do care about her. Girls love to laugh and will laugh at anything you say, even if its not funny.

5. Be Creative

Creativity is one thing girls like but dont blow your account to impress her. You just have to think outside the box

6. Be attentive or Be a good listener

Nothing is more annoying than knowing that someone who says that they care about what you feel does not even really listen to what you have to say. Be attentive, listen to her, and value her point of view to win her heart effortlessly. You need to ask open-ended questions such as “When”, ” What”, “Why”, and ” How”.

Dont do most of the talking, shoe that you care with the body language and by repeating some of what she has told you.

7. Be protective

Dont allow her to walk alone to her car, Dont allow her to go on shopping alone, Dont allow her to go to the reataurant alone, Dont let her do things alone, just remember. Always be with her when she needs you

8. Be Romantic

What do you want your love story to be? you need to plan ahead. Like, when you are asked where your first kiss was?, you should know what to say, if she doesn’t know what to say.

9. Be Complementary

You need to be the first to compliment her; in whatever she wears, in any activities she pertake in. You need to tell her how great she is, how lovely she looks, how beautiful when she smiles.

10. And finally Be yourself

There wont be much longevity if she’s fallen for a false persona, and why would you want that anyway?

You need to be yourself, you need to be whom you are, let her know your intentions


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